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News » Syrian MP Shehabi: White Helmets extracted by Israel to Europe “a British puppet tool”

Syrian MP Shehabi: White Helmets extracted by Israel to Europe “a British puppet tool”

Israel just evacuated 400-plus White Helmets to Jordan for resettlement in UK, Canada, and Germany, the same White Helmets who have been exposed for having proven ties to extremist groups like Al-Nusra. These operatives have been evacuated by the Israeli Armed forces and after a short stop in Jordan, they will be resettled in Western countries.

I contacted a Syrian official, Syrian MP Fares Shehabi and asked him a statement on the White Helmets situation:

The White Helmets is obviously a British intelligence puppet tool embedded with known al-Qaeda proxies in order to beautify terror, provide intel, and mainly fabricate hoaxes to justify NATO actions against the Syrian army. Being extracted by Israel to Europe when regular Syrians cannot even get a visa is a clear evidence of what I just said.

We are happy to be free of them and their fabrications and we really wish the European public opinion realize that their leaders are lying to them and putting their lives at risk using their own tax money..!

We have found compelling evidence that all of WH basis were inside al-Qaeda’s NUSRA Front compounds. And most of their rescuers were also al-Qaeda terrorists.. They were established in 2013 to hijack the real Syrian civil defense that was established in the fifties.

My statement: BE CAREFUL!”

Very worrying words coming from Mr.Shehabi. The White Helmets have already been exposed quite recently as tools of propaganda of the British Intelligence and now these people, who have worked for years with terrorists to force an unjust regime change in Syria, are being moved into Western countries by Isreal. How is this acceptable? Once again our leaders prove themselves to be liars and betray their own people for their interests in the Middle East.

Mr. Shehabi often tweets in English and is one of the best sources for whoever is looking for real news from a Syrian POV, make sure to follow him @ShehabiFares

Fares Shehabi is a Member of the Syrian parliament for Aleppo, Chairman of the Syrian Federation of Industry.




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