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Syrian Migrant Tied Up and Carried Into Court

Syrian refugee carried into court

A Syrian refugee, who has been accused of sexually abusing at least ten women in Germany, refused to go to court TAG24 reports. The migrant had to be carried into the courtroom so his trial could take place. 

The 33-year-old Syrian Rami A. allegedly committed at least 10 sexual abuses In Dresden, which have taken  place between the 8th of March and the 3rd of June of 2018.

It was this spring that the migrant started his sexual offenses, primarily active in Hechtviertel. A residential  area in Dresden. The Syrian migrant repeatedly attacked women, usually in the evening. He reportedly groped, kissed and rubbed his private parts up against his victims.

In June, Rami A. was arrested as a suspect as he fit the description of the person reported by the victims.

Rami A. is being charged for 10 sexual attacks, but it’s unknown how many more he might have committed.

Due to the suspect refusing to leave his cell, the trial, which took place on Tuesday in the district court of Dresden, has to be delayed and he ended up being carried into the courtroom. The delay postponed the hearing for almost two hours.

Ironically Rami A, is a legally recognised refugee, married and has a wife living in Jordan. He faces at least ten counts of a variety of sexual assaults and harassment charges.

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