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Swedish Cover-Up Of Gang Rape in Malmberget

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“Psychotic politicians” have destroyed the life of yet another Swedish girl. These are the views expressed on various social media websites after it has become known that another Swedish girl has been violently gang-raped by migrants. This time in the municipality of Gällivare (total population of 8,480).

A large group of men, according to six individual acquaintances of the victim’s family, have said to have been involved in the gang rape of a Swedish girl inside of a flat in Malmberget, situated in the municipality of Gällivare. The group carried out their despicable actions last weekend, but was initially ignored and therefore covered up by the Swedish media.

Swedish municipality of Gällivare-Malmberget
Swedish municipality of Gällivare-Malmberget

The case only garnered attention after people brought it to Facebook, where it was quickly censored by the social media giant shortly after. Most likely due to the “hot line” demanded and established by the Social Democrats allowing its supporters to report “racism” or any other sort of crime, committed by migrants, that needs covering up.

In a call a frustrated and shocked acquaintance talks about the censorship that the Swedish government exercises:

Today I found out that the daughter of one of my best friends was gang-raped by foreign men inside of a flat in Malmberget the night leading to Saturday. The girl is still so young and her life is now ruined!

a frustrated and shocked relative of the victim

She went on to say:

Who says this won’t happen again? Next time it could be my or your child. What is happening in our municipality? What is happening in Gällivare and how can we think this is still a safe place to live in?

a frustrated and shocked relative of the victim

After the attention that was garnered on social media and the rage that stemmed from it, both the police and the regional media outlets were forced to admit that the incident indeed took place.

There has been a report about group ‘violence’ indeed taking place.

Kristoffer Sahlin, prosecutor

However, according to the police’s own website they speak of a “serious rape” taking place in the “Gällivare area”.

According to the now censored call from the acquaintance of the victim, the rape took place in Bergmansgatan. Since 65 out of the 127 residents of the street where it took place are obviously of foreign origin, local politicians are now blaming the ethnic Swedes for not helping the migrants to successfully integrate into Swedish society.

Even though the Sweden Democrats gained supported, 4.92% to 12.26%, they’re still being overshadowed by the more migrant-friendly parties.

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