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Sweden Suffers Spate of Car Burnings

Swedish cars set alight

Last night, chaos erupted in Sweden as up to 80 cars across the country were set alight by gangs of black-clad youths. The attacks were concentrated in the southern city of Gothenburg, though similar attacks were reported across the Nordic country. Reports and eyewitness accounts also say that stones were thrown at Swedish police officers by these gangs, and those who were present to witness the carnage claimed that the attacks seemed “organised”, which could point to this being more than a few unruly kids.

Sweden has, in recent years, suffered a huge increase in crime, tarnishing the image of the once-peaceful nation. Attacks with hand grenades, seen by many as the type of activity to happen in Syria or other warzones, have become a sad fact of live in some deprived, immigrant-dominated neighbourhoods. Car burnings, muggings, shootings, and the like are all too common in the country, which has an election coming up in September, with the populist and anti-immigration Sweden Democrats doing well in the polls.

A lot of this crime can be linked back to first and second-generation immigrants from the former Yugoslavia and the Middle East. Poorly integrated and working low-income jobs (or not working at all), violence by immigrants and their children is a huge threat to Sweden, though some on the left (including the Swedish government) completely ignore this.

Whatever the problem, it’s clear something isn’t working as intended when your car can be set alight at any moment.

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