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News » Sweden: Feminist Theater Teaches Schoolkids About Female Genitalia
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Sweden: Feminist Theater Teaches Schoolkids About Female Genitalia

Swedish Feminists perform vagina dance

A feminist theater play with a telltale name “Salon Vagina!” expects to enlighten schoolkids about “the pussy” has caused many angry reactions among ordinary Swedes.

The cultural institution Skolscen sydost (School Scene Southeast), which organizes performances in kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools, has presented the feminist play “Salon Vagina!” to be staged in Blekinge County’s schools next year, Swedish Radio reported.


The performance shows three feminist actresses singing about female genitalia while spreading their legs. An excerpt from the play posted on YouTube shows them chanting “pussy, fanny, muff, beaver, slit” while standing on their heads with legs spread wide open. “I want to call mine a canary bird. It’s nothing unusual,” one of the actresses says in the show.

The video:

Our play is a peppy humor show about female genitals. It feels great to do theater for children in the upper secondary school, something we felt was needed,

On its website, “Salon Vagina!” is described as a “playful and humorous take on stigmatized female sexuality,” which also “explores the cultural history of the vagina, its symbolic, scientific, religious and everyday role.”

“With singing, dancing, motion and humor, we explore norms and taboos. We investigate and cross the boundaries of how a woman should be,” the feminists write on their website.

The performance, which is set up in collaboration with the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RSFU), is about 60 minutes long and is followed by another 30 minutes’ “aftertalk.” The regular price is SEK 150 per student ($16).

If your stomach can deal with it, you can read more here.

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