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Sweden : 20 year old ‘child’ gets shorter sentence for child abuse

20 year old child

The 20-year-old ‘toddler’ raped a 13-year-old child on a public toilet.

He was sentenced to the minimum punishment for rape against children – two years in prison. The district court also gave the 20-year-old penalty rebate because he is “not fully an adult”, as it says in the judgment.

“I’m not happy with the length of the sentence, nor the assessment of the issue of expulsion,” said chamber prosecutor Allen Saruchanjan Sinelnikov.

On December 18 last year, the 13-year-old girl was raped at a public toilet in Hallsberg in Örebro County – reported by Nerikes Allehanda.

The man manipulated the girl into entraping herself in a particularly vulnerable situation when she was heavily drunk. An alcohol test showed that the girl had 1.9 per cent of alcohol in the blood.

The police secured DNA traces of the man on the girl. Several people have been interrogated in the case. Evidence also consists of medical reports and photographs.

Prosecutor’s expulsion requirements

A few weeks ago, the judgment from the Örebro district court came. There the 20-year-old man was sentenced to two years in prison – the minimum sentence of rape against children. He will also pay a compensation of 145,000 SEK.

“The penalty value of the act is, as stated above, higher than the equivalent of two years’ imprisonment.” NN “, however, was 20 years old and thus, by the penal procedure, not fully an adult, this is why he should not be judged as strictly as an adult that has been convicted of the same act, “the district court wrote in the judgment.

The second requirement from the prosecutor – 10 years expulsion from Sweden – was also rejected by the district court: 

Prosecutor: “I’m not satisfied”

“NN has a daughter and a wife in Sweden. The wife is pregnant with an additional child. The family could suffer unreasonably hard by exposing NN. Furthermore, it is widely known that there are serious violations of human rights in Afghanistan. ” Did the young child who was raped not ‘suffer unreasonably hard’? Also, there is no war in Afghanistan, this person is no refugee, just an economic migrant.

Prosecutor Allen Saruchanjan Sinelnikov demanded three years imprisonment and expulsion for the 20-year-old.

“I think it is true that he has been convicted of the act, but I am not satisfied with the length of the sentence, nor the assessment in the matter of expulsion. I have requested a sharpening of the sentence. I have also requested a supplement from the Migration Board regarding the expulsion question.”

“They have been convicted of the act, so they have considered him guilty. Then I do not share the opinion of the district court regarding the penalty value and expulsion question. I think this is far more serious than the District Court has come up with. I do not think there are any reasons for him to remain in Sweden.”


Integration is a lie, these people are here for the money and see everything they do as a conquest. These half measures are not enough.

Source: Brottscentralen

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