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Supreme Court Demands More “Refugees” in Spain

Spain’s Supreme Court ordered this Monday that the Spanish government must accept more “refugees” after it ruled that it had not fulfilled the EU’s commitment to accept at least 16,000 asylum-seekers who get stopped at the Italian and Greek ports.

Spain’s pledge and the migrant crisis

The EU member states came to a deal, in September 2015, during crunch times of the migrant crisis that Europe is still facing, in which 160,000 asylum-seekers that reached the ports of Italy and Greece would be shared out among the rest of the EU nations in order to ease the pressure on both countries.

Spain’s government stipulated to receive at least 16,000 “refugees”.

Supreme Court warns new Spanish government

“More than six months after the deadline expired, a report by (Spain’s) Office for asylum and refugees recognizes that the current track record with respect to its final obligations is below 13 percent (…)” said the court in a judgement date July 9.

Therefore, Spain must “continue the procedure” to take in refugees, the court added, but decided not to fine the Spanish government.

By reason of, more and more migrants crossing the Mediterranean have now chosen Spain as their destiny in lieu of Greece and Italy.

Recently, Spain’s new socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said “It is out duty to help avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a safe port to these people, to comply with our human rights obligations.” after a rescue vessel was turned away by both Italy and Malta due to the vast immigration these countries are facing.

Current migration flows in Spain

After Italy’s new government pushed the migrant issue to the leading edge of the EU agenda by rejecting to open the country’s ports to migrant rescue ships, Spain is now the “biggest worry” said the EU Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri.

About half of the migrants are Moroccans, while the rest comes from western African countries, said Leggeri.

As reported by the International Organization for Migration, Spain has already overwhelm Greece in migrant arrivals and, with this new court procedures, it is set to catch up with Italy.

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