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South Africa: Situation Savage

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Savage from North to South, the Dark Continent is. Being PC and not calling this out and exposing it is what gets people killed. The Boers are hardy, but their situation is difficult… to say the least.

As a minority of about 8% of the population, the Whites of South Africa, specifically the Boers (farmers in Dutch) have to be on alert and patrolling their property at all times to ward off raids from looters and murderers.

Often when a farm attack happens and turns fatal which it does about once a week in that soon-to-be failed state, the media say it was just a looting operation and that the savage animalistic torture of the farmers and often, even their children, is just a side effect of a robbery.

As has been the case for the past 150 years, a gun is a Boer’s best friend, and the only thing that will keep him or her safe. This is why there was such an outcry when the government of South Africa called for a ban on guns in the country. The Boers saw this as nothing but a direct attempt to make them easier prey.

Then there is the ongoing issue of farmlands being ‘expropriated‘ meaning they will be taken by the majority Black government from the White Boers and ‘redistributed’ in true Communist fashion to Blacks, who, in many cases, do not know the first thing about farming; but hey, they have black skin so anything goes.

The Afrikaners (a catch-all term for Whites in S.A.) live with violence as part of their daily lives and they are used to it. Many go to self defence courses and many are proficient with firearms.

Some 50 murders happen in South Africa. Daily. So it is highly unwise not to be prepared.

Protests and marches by BLF (Black First Land First) and EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) communists shouting for the deaths of Whites and the theft of agricultural land as well as property of Whites are a daily occurrence.

“One settler, one bullet” is a savage slogan that they often rally behind and even a ‘student’ based his ‘thesis‘ on this phrase… Diversity makes everything kaputt, broken and unworkable.

It lowers everything down to the lowest common denominator, makes everyone equally miserable, and this way of thinking is inherently flawed.

Wether the Afrikaners manage to form their own State (Volkstaat) or they simply leave the country… or worse, is still to be seen, but as it has been proven for decades since desegregation, diversity doesn’t work.

Here is a non MSM source that has shown the situation of the Boers in an alternative fashion.

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