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South Africa: Black SANDF Major Free To Be Racist


On March the 10th 2018, Professor Kobus Naude (76) was stabbed to death with a knife, in front of his wife and three of their friends at their home in Randpark Ridge, Gauteng, South Africa.

One of his friends, Reverend Braam van Wyk (80) was severely assaulted by the attackers. He was tied up, and while lying on the floor with his hands behind his back, the attackers stood on him and kicked him in the face. After the brutal assault, Reverend Braam van Wyk’s son, Johan van Wyk turned to Facebook where he attached a graphic photo of his father’s severely beaten face covered in blood and commented the following:

“What cowards kick an 80 year old man in his face while his hands are tied behind his back? They also killed his friend, a wonderful man, retired Professor Kobus Naude by stabbing him with a knife in his heart”.

The post was quickly shared 20,000 times on the social platform. That is where a black Major in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), MV Mohlala, stationed at Wonderboom-military base South Africa replied on the Facebook post saying that the attackers “should actually have poked out his eyes and tongue so that the last people he would ever see, were the killers and he could go to his grave with the nightmare”. He further went on to write “now is the white peoples turn”.

These racially motivated hate speech towards the white minority population, comes from a Major in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). A person responsible for upholding the safety and security of all the countries citizens.

Article 105(1) of the National Defence Act (Act No 42 of 2002) defines it as a criminal act when the verbal or physical conduct of any member of the SANDF denigrates, humiliates or shows hostility towards any person based on their race, gender, age, language or culture. According to this law, a person who is found guilty of such an offence may be sentenced to five years imprisonment.

What happened to Major MV Mohlala after being so brutally racist and spewing some of the most offensive hate speech possible? The local commander merely reprimanded him, warning him to never make such statements in public again as it damages the image of SANDF, he ordered him to remove the post from Facebook and that if this should happen again disciplinary action will be taken against him.

Now viewing this in the light that, Mohlala’s brutal hate speech towards an elderly white man happened in the same week in which Vicki Momberg, an estate agent, was sent to jail for three years for shouting racist abuses at a black police officer. It clearly shows a totally shocking picture of double standards where Mohlala, a black man, goes scot-free while a white woman is sent to jail for three years. The same case applies to Penny Sparrow where she called black people “monkeys”, she was taken to court and slapped with a heavy fine of R150 000 (about 12676 US dollars)

This is an unfair application of the rules of law and clearly shows that certain people are judged heavier than others based on their race in a supposedly democratic and multicultural country. This rainbow nation upholds and values its black majority’s rights more than that of its white minority. With equality thrown out of the window, there is a clear agenda against the white population.

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