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Siemens tells personnel to speak out against nationalism

Siemens' diverse workforce

Conglomerate Siemens has asked its personnel in eastern Germany to speak out against xenophobia and nationalism. The company requested its employees to do so after German nationalists and concerned citizens, in the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, protested after the stabbing death of a 35 year old man, Daniel H.

During the protests, last Sunday, 18 people ended up injured (including 3 police officers) after people again took the streets and voiced their concerns for the failing multicultural state. Similarly people were seen chasing Muslims on video after they were seen taunting the protesters.

Siemens sent letter to employees

In a letter sent to employees, in possession of Bloomberg, managers of Siemens have told its employees that “it’s time to publicly stand up – for – and promote tolerance and humanity”. Siemens’ CEO, Joe Kaeser, Sunday already said that “it’s time for tolerance” and that “he fears cars burning in the streets if this continues”.

Kaeser is not the only businessman in Germany that hopped on the virtue signalling bandwagon by ‘speaking out’ against the situation in Chemnitz. Eric Schweitzer, head of the German chamber of commerce, also said that the situation in the East-German city of Chemnitz “is unacceptable for German industries”. He went on to say that “xenophobia and nationalism damage the image of Germany and might prevent companies from settling here”. Totally ignoring that migration and its effects are already destroying Germany.

Police still looking for third suspect

Two suspects are in custody for the stabbing death of Daniel H., a warrant has been issued for a third. Political pressure is mounting to say where these men came from and why they were allowed to stay in Germany.

Flowers and a wooden cross at a memorial for Daniel H. in Chemnitz (picture-aliance/dpa/S. Kahnert)

“The district court in Chemnitz issued an arrest warrant this morning,” said Saxony’s top prosecutor Hans Strobl. The German authorities issued a wanted poster for the suspect, named Farhad Ramazan Ahmad, and listed him as a 22-year-old Iraqi citizen who they warned was most likely armed and dangerous. His photo and full name were released and there is currently an active manhunt on the way.

Murder suspect Farhad Ramazan Ahmad (Polizei Sachsen)

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