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Saxony: Foreigners Nine Times More Likely To Be Criminal Than Germans


In Saxony, the people of Chemnitz have experienced a few turbulent days which have resulted in the death of a 35-year-old German Cuban producing huge protests. The media talk of the predominantly peaceful protesting Germans as a “right-wing mob”. The mayor recently appeared “worried” and “ashamed”. Ashamed of the citizens she ought to represent, who rightfully exercise their right to protest and no longer want to tolerate increasing violence by foreigners?

8,000 to 12,000 protesters have given vent to their anger. Inevitably, some people who give the whole protest a bad mark will join. This is a pity, but hard to prevent. Of course, the media see it differently and generalise the misconduct of very few people, doing exactly what they so often admonish and in which they see nothing less than racism.

The outcry of the media and politicians suggests that something extraordinary is happening in the heart of Saxony. The Chancellor, who is currently visiting Africa – while ignoring the persecution and expropriation of White people in South Africa – even released a rather quick statement via her government spokesman, joining the absurd demonisation of the protesters. Meanwhile, the same Federal Chancellor had needed over a year to personally express her grief to the relatives of the victims of the terrorist attack on Breitscheidplatz in Berlin and whose liberal humanism is increasingly showing its true face.

One of the criticisms is the instrumentalisation of a dead man for political purposes. However, double standards are applied, considering the outcry about the tragic death of the little boy lying on the beach, the image everyone knows about.

The protests of the German citizens, however, are not only due to this tragic death which took place last Sunday. This death was the straw that broke the camel’s back and can be regarded as a natural reaction to the developments of our time, in which the state seems unable to secure the citizens anymore. Thus, in view of the following criminal statistics from Saxony, one is compelled to carry the protest on to the streets:

  1. According to government figures, foreigners in the Free State of Saxony are on average nine times more likely to be a criminal than ethnic Germans.

  2. Despite a relatively small share of the population (approximately 4%), foreigners in Saxony are responsible for 30% of knife and weapon crimes. One may ask: What is the government doing about it? It lets suspects off and they can – according to official information – perpetrate up to nine offences.

  3. According to official figures, more than 11,000 people who have to leave Germany are currently still living in Saxony.


Every responsible German has to defend himself in view of these numbers. That would not be necessary unless the state, in this case the judiciary and police, could guarantee for safety. De jure, that is the case, only the reality looks completely different. The strength of the police has been on the decline for years. Numerous complaints about this issue have remained without any effect so far. Apparently, the state does not want to protect their citizens.

On Saturday, the AfD, among others, called for an appropriate funeral march for the 35-year-old, while on Monday, the Left want to organise a concert at the Karl Marx monument – a few hundred meters from the place where the murder was committed – in which they protest against the “Right”, as they say. This clearly shows what the Left is about: the slaughter of a German citizen by the hands of a Syrian and an Iraqi is not only pushed aside and disregarded, they add insult to injury with bad music, while those who exercise their civil rights are abused and opposed.

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