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News » Italy’s Salvini Sends Mainstream Media Into Meltdown By Referencing Mussolini

Italy’s Salvini Sends Mainstream Media Into Meltdown By Referencing Mussolini


Italy’s popular Interior Minister and king of selfies, Matteo Salvini, is under fire from the mainstream media for a reference he made towards former Prime Minister of Italy and leader of the National Fascist Party, Benito Mussolini.

Yesterday, on 29th July (Mussolini’s birthday), Salvini tweeted “Tanti nemici, tanto onore!” which translates as “So many enemies, so much honour!” Many are saying that this is a reference to Mussolini’s “Molti nemici, molto onore” (Many enemies, much honour).



Salvini’s tweet was in response to an article that highlights various groups of people that Salvini has upset and details how his popularity continues to rise despite this.

Salvini, who has taken a hard stance on illegal immigration since his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister on 1st June 2018, has received non-stop criticism from the mainstream media and has been compared to Mussolini numerous times before. Comparisons to Mussolini range from Salvini prioritising the well being of Italians over illegal immigrants, to posing topless on the beach and in swimming pools; an act which Mussolini reportedly did in order to convey a ‘strong man’ image.

Salvini is no doubt becoming well known for his authentic personality and sense of humour. If the left are going to call him a fascist at every opportunity they get, then they shouldn’t be surprised when he responds like he did above. I imagine the meltdown of the mainstream media and the left over his tweet amused him greatly.




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