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News » Russia Begins War Games With Ukraine

Russia Begins War Games With Ukraine

November 25th

Martial Law could be declared in Ukraine tomorrow following a tense day with Russia.

Three Ukrainian boats were seized by Russian  Authorites when they attempted to go through the Azov Sea. Russia has also stopped all commercial boats from the Kerch Strait, which connects with the Black Sea. A number of crew were injured during the incident.

The waters are within Ukraine & Russia jurisdiction however are close the volatile Crimean region. Russia also scrambled two fighter jets whilst the ships were intercepted. It is believed they were rammed by a Russian Tugboat.


A group of Ukrainians have positioned themselves outside of the Russian Embassy in Kiev, placing a pile of tyres which are expected to be set alight. A vote is to take place tomorrow as to whether Martial Law will be declared in the country

If it is voted for and depending on the severity, the following would apply

  1. Increased security at sites related to the national economy and critical infrastructure. The creation of a special regime for their operation. The Cabinet of Ministers confirms the list of infrastructure and economic objects needing greater security.
  2. Requiring people capable of working to do “socially necessary work” for the state (but legally they retain their old jobs). Cabinet of Ministers sets regulations for this.
  3. The state can take control of private, communal, or state company property for the needs of the state.
  4. A ban on peaceful gatherings, protests, marches, and other mass events.
  5. The state can — within a framework set up in the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine — ban political activities that it deems detrimental to the safety and security of the state (the list includes everything from actions intended to end Ukraine’s existence to those promoting interethnic hatred).
  6. The state can regulate the work of telecom companies, printing companies, TV and radio organizations, cultural organizations, mass media, and also the usage of local radio stations, TV centers, and printing presses for wartime needs. The state will also carry out “informational work” among military and the population. There can be a ban on the usage of personal and collective radio networks (presumably this refers to ham radios) and the transmission of information through computer networks.
  7. The establishment of a special regime for the production and sale of medicines containing narcotic and psychotropic chemicals or other especially potent chemicals. The Cabinet would confirm a list of these medicines.
  8. Evacuating the population (should their lives or health be in danger) and material and cultural valuables (if they are at risk of destruction). The Cabinet confirms the list of this valuables (unclear if it also decides on which people are evacuated).
  9. Firing the managers of any enterprises, institutions, and organizations for improperly doing their jobs. Appointing acting managers to these positions.
  10. Passing additional measures to increase the protection of state secrets.
  11. The internment (forced relocation) of citizens of a foreign state, which threatens to attack or carry out aggression against Ukraine.


These measures have not been considered in the Ukraine since 2014 during during previous altercations with Russia.

The EU & NATO have put our statements asking for de-escalation.

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