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93% of Irish Residents IGNORED by Unholy Alliance of Capitalists & Immigrant Advocates


Further evidence of The Great Betrayal as a prerequisite of The Great Replacement has reached us from the Irish nation in the last week, where the small village of Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, is being forced to accommodate asylum seekers against the expressed wishes of the electorate.

The plans include the transformation of King Thomond Hotel into an ominously named ‘direct provision centre’, that will house as many as 115 refugees – equivalent to 15% of the town’s total population.

During a consultation process, residents of Lisdoonvarna were consulted on the immigration project and firmly rejected it. In a local referendum on the issue, 93% voted against the proposal.

Despite this resounding message from locals, hotelier Marcus White – owner of King Thomond Hotel – signed the contract with the Irish state that will bring refugees to the town – and, of course, bring profits to the pocket of Mr White.

White acknowledged the opposition to the plans, and he also acknowledged that a commitment had been given to accept the will of the local people.

It appears the promise of quick profit supersedes any loyalty White should feel to his own folk.

When private property owners enter into such an agreement with the state, it offers them the security of a regular income, most often one inflated well above the market value, that said owner would otherwise have to compete for on the open market.

What a blessing it must be for the immigrant advocates occupying the annals of state power in Ireland that they have such willing, amoral capitalist accomplices in their fight to replace the native population!

As an aside, it’s worth noting here that this is not Marcus White’s first transgression against his people. Back in 2005, he was convicted of employing illegal aliens in his hotels – they work for less, maximising profits for Mr White.


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