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Pro Activa Open Arms NGO boat seized under the accusation of cooperating with smugglers

A Spanish NGO called Pro Activa Open Arms allegedly violated international laws and certain treaties and as a consequence, the Italian authorities seized their boat in the Sicilian city of Pozzallo. The accusation of the prosecutor, Carmelo Zuccaro, leaves no doubts: Pro Activa Open Arms has been accused of cooperating with smugglers for illegal practices of immigration.

The Spanish NGO was recently caught in a scandal with the Lybian authorities, the Spanish refused to give up the migrants they had onboard to the Lybian coast guard which in response threatened to open fire on them. The same migrants that the Spanish activists decided to bring to the Italians coasts while violating international laws and other treaties.

This isn’t the first time NGOs are caught working with smugglers and facilitating mass immigration, this kind of behavior is what motivated the identitarian movement Generation Identity to start the campaign Defend Europe, last summer. During the mission, the identitarian activists monitored the actions of various NGOs and provided solid proof that many of them were committing crimes such as facilitating migration and working with smugglers.

The Spanish NGO might finally answer to their illegal actions, while Zuccaro is already under fire of certain leftists who are calling him cruel and soulless: “How could an NGO ever commit a crime, they are the good guys for human rights!”.

NGOs have been doing what they want for the last year and the weak Italian government has let them do it. Hopefully, this is a start and from now on Italian authorities will be stricter and punish all the NGOs violating treaties and international laws.


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