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One in Four German Citizens Now Has Migrant Background

Citizens Deutschland

Just under a quarter of ‘citizens’ of the Bundesrepublik have foreign roots, up 4.4% from last year, the governmental statistics bureau shows.

The figures released by Destatis yesterday, show that roughly 19.3 million of Germany’s population had a migrant background in 2017. The number was a record high, then, it’s worse now.

Someone is considered to have a migrant background if they or at least one parent was born without German citizenship. Which means that the ethnic numbers aren’t precisely accurate, and that the numbers could be worse, but likewise they could be better.

Petra Bendel, a political scientist at Erlangen University, said that migration from within the EU was again the major driver of growth in the foreign population after two years in which refugees made up the largest number of newcomers.

“Germany needs immigrants due to the demographic changes taking place,” she stated.

It doesn’t. Hungary has formed a plan to revitalise it’s people, and Germany can do the same, as can the rest of Europe.

Of the 19.3 million people with a migrant background, 14% have roots in Turkey, followed by 11% in Poland and 7% in Russia.

citizens Deutschland
Photo: DPA

The microcensus also looked of the first time at the primary language spoken in German homes. It found that in 10% of the 24 million households in the country a language other than German was spoken.

The statistics were extrapolated from a micro-census which was undertaken in a select number of German households.

Bendel said that it was important that Germans learned to accept people with other ethnic backgrounds as more than just “passport Germans”.

No, they shouldn’t, because these people aren’t ethnic Germans, not part of the German Nation. Saying this isn’t racism, it’s simply reality. Those people cannot recreate Germany, German society, only Germans can do that.

She said that a new social movement called #MeTwo which aims to bring attention to the subject of racism in daily life, highlighted the fact that people in the country could have more than one identity. – Of course it’s always tied to racism. “Don’t criticise the fact that the country will be gone in 50 years, because that’s racism!Nonsense.

Germany is approaching a tipping point, and Germans as well as Europeans need to become aware of that.

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