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Italian Mayor Arrested for Aiding Illegal Immigration

Domenico Lucano

Domenico Lucano, Mayor of the Southern Italian city of Riace and leftist icon related to the pro “refugees” front, has been arrested by the Italian Financial Police. His arrest is part of the ongoing operation Xenia. The Mayor is accused of aiding illegal immigration and fraud related to the garbage disposal.

The local public prosecutor’s office released a statement regarding the recent arrest: “The Financial Police of Locri carried out a pre-trial arrest, ordered by the Tribunal of Locri which established that Domenico Lucano, Mayor of the city of Riace, will be put under house arrest and his partner will not be allowed to reside with him.”

This arrest happened following the investigations launched by the Ministry of the Interior currently led by Matteo Salvini, showing that with Lega in power the battle against illegal immigration and its facilitators has started and is already having its first victories.

Domenico Lucano is known as the most welcoming and pro-refugee Mayor in the country, this “fame” made him an idol of the left. Mr. Lucano is also in friendly relationships with the far-left politician and feminist Laura Boldrini and leftist icon Roberto Saviano, which publicly met with the mayor to congratulate him on his traitorous actions.

The Pro-Refugee Mayor with Roberto Saviano and Laura Boldrini

Salvini wrote a short tweet mocking the progressive left and said: “Damn, what are they going to say now, Saviano and all the progressive bunch who want to flood Italy with migrants?!”

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