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IQ on the down in Norway and Denmark

IQ and diversity

A study was conducted by James Flynn, a leading researcher of IQ measurements, a few months ago, but the reasons are not being discussed in the mainstream.

Intelligence quotient in the Scandinavian countries had been on the up for decades, but the trend has now been reversed, according to a report published by journal Intelligence. This reversal correlates with an increase of ‘diversity’.

Measures taken as part of the study have shown that, in Norway, fewer people are reaching higher levels of mathematical and linguistic ability.

“This signals without doubt a depletion of people with high cognitive abilities,” Flynn said.

The IQ of Norwegians had been increasing since 1950 until a turning point around 1995. Until immigration from outside of Europe increased dramatically.

An annual reduction of IQ by 0.21 percent on average has been measured in Norwegians since that year, equivalent to a 6.5% decrease between generations. In 2017, Norway’s migrant population in 2017 made up 16.8%, most of which are non-European.

According to New Zealand researcher Flynn, intelligence levels had been increasing steadily in Scandinavia due to more abstract and rational thinking in schools and at workplaces.

But improvement of the quality of schooling has now stopped, he concluded.

“We have seen that work in schools is less demanding in many countries and that students spend less time studying and doing homework,” Flynn said to Swedish magazine Forskning & Framsteg. 

Mass uncontrolled immigration from the Middle East has had a disastrous effect on education across the Old  Continent. The migrants have significant problems with learning European languages, cannot compete with the locals in the job market, bring down wages and are a burden on the welfare states whose generosity attracts them.

People are different, not inferior or superior, and the smashing together, through immigration, of these differences is what is causing such damage across Europe.

The way forward is clear: borders need to be enforced, the welfare states need to put natives first and become smaller, and these migrants need to go back and build up their own countries.


Sources: The Local , Statistics Norway

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