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HuffPost Germany Reveal They Want Germans To Be Replaced


The German branch of the HuffPost published a revealing article on Monday that revelled in the idea of ethnic German people being replaced.




The bizarre post was written by Veit Lindner, a German journalist, and it tells the story of how the author never really felt much connection with his German identity and heritage. Germans were just not sexy, Lindner writes. He thought of them as being ill-tempered and scared of strangers.

That was, until the World Cup of 2010. As Lindner sat in a beer garden and watched football with his friends, he felt a sense of patriotism. For the first time in his life, he was proud to be German.

This sense of patriotism came from the knowledge that during the World Cup, Germany was not feared or even respected or admired, but they were liked. And upon this realisation, Lindner felt comfort.

Lindner goes on to praise Merkel’s open borders policy and then follows this with a few paragraphs where he compares everyday German citizens who are concerned about mass immigration to “Nazis”. Lindner doesn’t understand why mass immigration is a concern to people. Perhaps he is unaware that in the space of a few decades, Germany has changed from an almost entirely homogeneous country to a country where around one in five citizens are non-native. What is more likely however is that Lindner is aware of this, and instead believes that it is something to celebrate.

As Lindner continues:

“If the stinking, bloated thoughts of the New Right should now be the “German people” again, it would actually be best to simply exchange it…Blacks, browns, yellows, whites, Asians and Arabs, Africans, you people from America, from India, people of all faiths – come to our aid! Flock up and replace us, but thoroughly!”

“Let’s create a new Germany together, built on the values ​​of democracy, diversity, solidarity and responsibility, but also out of fun and passion – a people who no longer need a chain link fence, because then we are either all foreigners, or no one else is.”

“A little bit of genetic and cultural scattering here, a little bit of self-abolishment through fatigue of reproduction there – this would be, as Denis Yücel once put it, genocide from its most beautiful side.”


Individuals like Lindner are the result of decades of self-hate indoctrination and forced Holocaust guilt which have been administered to the German people continuously since the end of World War 2. It is hard to put together the words to describe such a “man” who revels in the thought of the genocide of his own people. I will leave it up to the reader to decide, however I will add that the HuffPost is no small scale news outlet and articles such as this are accessed by a huge percentage of the German population.

Let us not forget that the mainstream media are our enemy and they are willingly encouraging and facilitating the replacement of Europeans.



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