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“‘Eurafrica’ Is Part Of Europe’s Demographic Future”, Economist Tells Europeans

The Economist

The House of Rothschild has again mobilised its propaganda wing to the cause of demographic displacement, with influential magazine The Economist telling Europeans that “Eurafrica” (supranational union of Europe and Africa) is their “demographic future”.

It published an article this morning which eerily echoes Monsieur Macron’s dictate regarding this issue earlier in the year, in which he lectured us to the effect that “Europe and Africa have a shared [demographic] destiny”.

The article begins in typical fashion, attempting to revise and distort history to claim European and African cultures have always “bled across the Mediterranean and intermingled”.

It also provides a preemptive rebuke of nationalists with the introductory tagline “sealing the Mediterranean won’t work” – there, nationalists; you’ve been told!

The Economist is renowned for its profit driven, identity-forsaking propaganda efforts, repeatedly denouncing nationalism whilst encouraging the demographic transformation of the European continent.

The reader may already be aware, or otherwise will not be surprised to learn, that The Economist (The Economist Group), despite being a London-based enterprise, is 50% owned by the Jewish Rothschild Family. The next largest shareholder is the Agnelli Family, an Italian family of mega-capitalists who act through their smokescreen company, Exor.

A point of interest here is that Exor owns Juventus Football Club (Turin), as well as the car giant Fiat. The former recently spent almost €100mn on star player Cristiano Ronaldo – whom they pay €500.000,00 per week – whilst continuing to pay their Fiat workers peanuts.

Why these ultra-rich Jews and capitalists believe they have the right to lecture Europeans on what is and isn’t their “demographic destiny”, one wonders in vain.

The most likely explanation for this is their desire for a continent of rootless, deracinated mongrels who make infinitely more compliant (and cheaper) labour than, say, ethnically and culturally conscious indigenous Europeans.

(Note: nobody at Defend Europa has read the Economist’s article in its entirety, for it is behind a paywall and there’s absolutely no chance we’re going to use our supporters’ generous donations to fund these disgusting creatures.)


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