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Swedish Politician Suggests FGM Checks at Airports

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With incredible statistics of around 150,000 victims of FGM living in Sweden, a country with a ‘feminist’ government, a Swedish politician from the Social Democrats Gursimer Singh has risen to the challenge and done what should have been done years ago by calling for measures to stop the brutal practice of female genital mutilation.

During the summer vacation, many girls with roots in other countries are likely to be sent “home” by their parents. Once there, they are likely to be subjected to ‘virginity checks’ or FGM in an attempt to prevent premarital sex and retain their “honor,” Gursimer Singh, who is also a board member of the women’s rights organization Varken Hora eller Kuvad (“Neither Whore, Nor Subdued”) explains in an opinion piece. 

Singh pointed out that both left-wing and right-wing Swedish politicians have been addressing the problem very poorly.

According to Singh, the problem with the right-wingers is a preoccupation with freedom of choice which has provided fertile ground for private healthcare providers who are more than willing to perform “virginity checks and more.” Equally, Singh conceded that the left, including his own party, are not at all wholly committed to weeding out this archaic problem.

“As a Social Democrat, I must admit that we on the left wing are not spotless either. We working in the left must put an end to various religious forces trying to infiltrate our political institutions. Another problem involves blind ‘antiracists’ who not only repeatedly deny the very existence of the ‘honor culture’ but also question those who fighting against it. Racism is rather choosing to turn a blind eye to the existence of the ‘honor culture’ among some immigrant groups,” wrote Gursimer Singh.

In his opinion piece, Singh suggested better, more rigorous measures to address the problem, such as informing parents about the legal consequences of subjecting their daughters to FGM or providing more education to school staff on how to recognize and raise these pressing issues. 

The most important measures proposed by Singh are what he called FGM-checks at Swedish airports, with nurses carrying out spot checks on girls before and after trips “home”.

It’s almost laughable how much we talk about Swedes standing up for gender equality with this going on. What equality, I keep asking myself?” concluded Singh.

Cases of FGM have been steadily increasing since 2015, directly correlated with the number of 3rd world immigrants in the continent increasing. Multiculturalism says that different cultures cannot be criticised, political correctness stops politicians and the public from speaking out by way of self-policing. They both need to go.

These policies of FGM checks and intolerance of such practices is a good first step towards destroying this barbaric ‘tradition’.


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