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Sweden: African ‘Political Refugee’ Raped Swedish Girl, Not Deported

African Rapist in Sweden

A 37-year-old African who came to Sweden as a “political refugee” is convicted of raping a girl in her own home. After the rape, the girl had to take preventive medication against hepatitis for three weeks and was also tested for HIV. Now the African will only be serving a short prison sentence.

On July 8, 2018 in Visby a 17-year-old girl was raped in her own home by a 37-year-old man from Burundi, Africa.

Statements from witnesses provide support for what the girl has told during the interrogations, writes the HelaGotland. After DNA research was conducted, a match was found after comparing his DNA to that of material found in the girl’s panties and bed sheets.

During police interrogations, the girl said that she was invited to a party with a relative. At midnight the party participants went to Gutekällaren (a night club), but because she was a minor, the girl wouldn’t have a change to enter the club. Suddenly a car stopped, driven by the 37-yo African who offered her a ride home.

Reluctantly and perhaps due to her government’s constant brainwashing, afraid she’d be labelled a racist if she didn’t accept his invitation, she naively entered the car.

When she was in her room she heard the door slam and saw the African entering the house and locking the door. “Shit, what’s happening? I’m about to be raped,” thought the girl.

I hear you ask: “Where are the parents?”. I was thinking the same thing. Nothing is known about whether their parents were home or not. Still, “Where are the parents?”.

After locking the door, the African got undressed very quickly.

It will happen fast, very fast

the African explained

After the rape took place, the girl panicked, cried a lot and felt naturally ashamed. She told the police that after the rape happened she took a lot of tests, she reportedly especially tested herself for HIV.

“There is a lot like that in Burundi,” said the girl. On top of that she’s also taking preventive medication against hepatitis.


Documents show that the African is a citizen of Burundi and needed a French interpreter at his time of arrival into Sweden. He came to Sweden in 2014 as a “political refugee” and was granted permanent residence in May 2016.

On 14 September 2018, Gotland District Court announced the verdict. The African is being convicted of rape for two years and six months in prison. He will also pay 115.000 krona (11.165 Euro, 12.914 Dollars) in damages to the girl.

The prosecutor never filed for deportation. Of course not, that would be considered “racist” according to Swedish standards.

On 8 October 2018, the prosecutor for appealed the sentence and said that it should be raised to three years in prison.

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