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Sex Change For 16-Year-Olds Approved In Portugal

Another threat to the European western values

Portuguese deputies voted last Thursday on the law that allows teenagers that are at least 16 years of age to change their gender and name in the civil registry with only one statement from a clinician.


The “Radical” First Version of This Law

Presented by the far-left and with the support of the left-wing political parties, the first version of this law allowed individuals with at least 16 years of age to change their identity in their ID and in the civil registration without any medical prescription. The Portuguese President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, vetoed this first version of the law, claiming that it is necessary during the changing process of someone’s identity a “previous medical evaluation” in order to consolidate the decision and to allow the individual to the medical surgery and the alteration of his ID.


The Left and the Second Version of the Law

After the President’s decision and declarations, most left-wing parties have agreed with the presidential pretensions, and proposed a second version of the law in which the individuals who intend to change their gender and name in the civil registry and in the identity documents, must have a medical or psychology approval in order to proceed to the body surgery and to the ID alteration. However, far-left and feminist party, Bloco de Esquerda (BE), is not satisfied and claims that the proposal should have gone further, but considers it already “an important progress” in the Portuguese society.


The Results of the Parliamentary Votes

All left-wing parties voted in favour of the law, which was approved with 124 votes in support of and 106 votes against it. According to the socialist deputy Isabel Moreira: “We have just approved the government bill that recognises gender self-determination and protects the sexual characteristics of the people.”

“It was a very rich and very intense process in the speciality where all the entities relevant to the process were heard. But most important of all, we heard the people to whom this law is addressed, the people and the “trans”, as well the smaller “trans” and their mothers, who were heard “behind close doors””, stated the deputy considering it an “historical moment”.

Far-left’s Bloco de Esquerda (BE) also welcomed the “huge breakthrough” of this law but preferred to have gone further. “The Bloco de Esquerda bill foresaw some proposals that went further, with children under the age of 16 being able to access the law, with regard only to the change of name and gender in the civil registry, and immigrants and asylum-seekers with valid residence permit, which other flee their countries where they are threatened with death because they are transsexual people.”, claimed the party.

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The communist party (PCP) also voted in favour of the law, alongside with the ambientalist-marxist party (VERDES) and the party for the animals and nature (PAN).

The right-wing social democrats (PSD) voted against the diplomas of this law, unitedly with the conservative and christian-democracy party (CDS-PP) considering that this law “promotes an ideological radicalism, that is dangerous and creates situations where no one knows who is who and has an agenda of social deconstruction”.

Another destruction of our European heritage culture and of the true values of our western society, this time in Portugal.

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