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News » Poland: Protected Forest Axed For US Military Installation

Poland: Protected Forest Axed For US Military Installation

Poland Protected Forest US Military

Large swathes of an EU-protected forest are set to be destroyed, according to US military engineering plans.

The American army seeks to build a pre-positioned stock and maintenance complex near to the Powidz Air Base in central Poland, further bolstering its military presence in the Eastern European country.

Thirty-eight hectares are earmarked for destruction in Poland’s Gnieznienskie Lake District, an area which enjoys legislated environmental protection.

Over thirty species of bird reside in the “Natura 2000” zone, which is sustained to protect endangered species. However, Polish authorities have decided that American military installations take priority.

Recent interactions between Washington and the US-friendly government in Warsaw have indicated that a permanent US military presence is desirable to “combat the threat from Russia“.

Precisely when sending troops half way around the world to your enemy’s border became a “defensive” manoeuvre is unclear.



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