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Paying For Our Own Destruction: Terrorism and Immigration

It is no secret that social media users and the mainstream media across Europe have an obsession with injecting the concept of racism and intolerance into acts of terrorism and large scale immigration into Europe. Since terrorism attacks have become a common occurrence in countries throughout Europe, the focus, very quickly became the political backlash against the people carrying out the acts of terror, rather than the actual acts themselves. How many times do you read comments on social media immediately after a terrorist attack regarding “Islamophobia”?

People’s immediate concern is not the fact that scores of people have been killed in a public place, but the fact that people may take, and do take, issue with the identity of the individual of said attack. A large majority of terrorist attacks that have taken place across Europe, have had ownership claimed by Islamic extremist groups such as ISIS.



Now it would be wrong to assume that the recent mass migration of people into Europe from Africa and the Middle East has been solely responsible for the increase of acts of terrorism across Western Europe. In 2013, the murder of Lee Rigby was committed by Micheal Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. Both males were British born and were educated in the British school system.



However Europe’s love affair with importing scores of people from outside its borders, allegedly in an attempt to combat a declining birth rates and rescue people from war and poverty, has been a huge contributor to the issues which we have been experiencing for many years now.

Douglas Murray’s recent book, The Strange Death of Europe, is an eye opening read which highlights the contributions to the issues that Europe is experiencing today.

In July 2016 m, Mohammed Daleel, who was responsible for Germany’s first suicide bombing in Ansbach, had initially registered as a refugee in Bulgaria. In 2014, Daleel had been ordered to return to Bulgaria by the German authorities and was again told the same in 2016.

In August 2016, two policewomen in Charleroi, Belgium were attacked by an Algerian male who was armed with a machete and was shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Unsurprisingly the male had an allegiance to ISIS. It was subsequently admitted that the male had been issued an order of deportation on two occasions after he had entered in to Belgium in 2012. This was unsuccessful due to the fact that Algeria would not accept the attacker back to their own country and there were no spaces in Belgium’s detention facilities.

Douglas Murray’s book also highlights the concept that Europe is not only the leader in failing to deport problem people back to their countries of origin, but assists the same people in fighting against the state.

When Salah Abdeslam, the surviving leader of the group of terrorists who carried out the 2015 Paris attacks, was identified as being involved. It was discovered that he had been in receipt of state benefits to the sum of 19,000 Euros due to being unemployed. His last collection of said benefits had only taken place weeks prior to the attacks. The concept that the state has, in effect, paid someone to attack it’s own citizens in a round about way, highlights the illogical policies that European countries have in place to assist immigrants before they would help their own citizens.

The Swedish government’s spending further highlights this issue. In 2016, the estimated budget for migration costs was expected to be around 50.4 billion Swedish Kroner. This exceeds not only the Justice Department budget: 42 billion Kroner, but also the defence budget of 48 billion Kroner.

What kind of a message does it send, when a country invests more money in immigration, than the safety of it’s own citizens in both military and judicial spending? It is further obvious that the Judiciary systems of many European countries are totally overwhelmed by the sky rocketing crime rates, regardless of how much they are spending. This appears  to be in direct correlation with the increase of importing migrants in to Europe.

At what point do the governments of Western European countries decide to start making tough decisions to ensure the safety of its citizens and bring stability back to the continent? Unfortunately it would seem that the main concern is to ensure that the mass importing of migrants in to Europe’s borders happens, no matter the cost.


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