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Not Only Europe: Globalists Want Multiculturalism in Japan and South Korea

The globalists have set out to destroy Europe but they are also eyeing Japan & South Korea with their thriving societies so far free of mass immigration.

Although these countries are not European, Japan and South Korea do share several similarities with Europe including their successful society with their rich cultural history. However there are negative aspects that they share in common which include the low birth rate, with Japan having a fertility rate at 1.42 and South Korea having theirs at a figure of 1.24. Both societies are also facing the prospect of having an ageing society. This means that they are both not having enough children to replace their elder population.

Although these are countries that have so far managed to remain homogeneous and have not fallen to the nonsense of multiculturalism and diversity which is currently destroying Europe, but that does not make them safe, in fact it makes them a possible future target for the globalists. They possess high IQs which results in a problem for the globalists so they will be difficult to control in order to create a one world government. The UN has population replacement plans for Japan and South Korea on their website along with Western countries, Russia and for the whole of the European Union.

Sadly there has been promotion in several newspapers which suggests that the countries must take in refugees with their low birth rates and of course the newspapers suggest sneakily that their culture is ‘boring’ so migrants from the third world would be needed to enrich it. That is the sweet lie which Angela Merkel also used to justify taking in over a million ‘refugees’ in 2015 to Germany. However, Japan is standing firm with President Shinzo Abe at the helm of the Liberal Democratic Party which happens to also be a nationalist party despite the name. South Korea also have been standing firm against Muslim immigration when 500,000 citizens came out to sign a petition to halt the arrival of Muslims.

President Shinzo Abe of Japan

Despite the promotion of multiculturalism in East Asia it seems there might be opposition. Perhaps they might have seen the current situation with the European culture thanks to the weak left wing European politicians. They understand if they visit certain European areas, they will find no indigenous Europeans present and the amount of rapes, crimes and terror that come with mass migration. It is understandable to see that after seeing Europe, that this to them would be a wake up call,  thinking that there is the possibility of Japanese citizens who do not want to see the blossoms rot off their trees and that there are South Koreans who do not wish to see their country become a place where the surnames cease to be Park, Kim or Lee.

While we hope Europeans have the courage to take their countries back, we also hope Japan and Korea do not make the same mistake that Western Europeans have. They have the future in their hands. Do not fall for the lies and propaganda like some Europeans have.

Pro Islam Propaganda (Japan Times)

Sources from: (UN Replacement Migration plan for Japan) (UN Replacement Migration for South Korea)

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