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Two Thirds of Norwegian Men Fear False MeToo Accusations


Over half of Norwegians, at 57%, fear men could be victimised by false accusations of sexual harassment in the aftermath of the #MeToo campaign that gained international momentum after sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and a number of others made waves around the world.

Two out of three Norwegian men are worried about false allegations of sexual harassment after the international #MeToo campaign, reports Klassekampen showing the results of a survey done by pollster Sentio.

Not so surprisingly, people in the youngest age bracket showed the most concern, in comparison to older age groups. Modern feminism and blatant calls to idiocy such as “Believe Women” implying we should believe the word of a person, instead of the evidence, has men, understandably concerned and more cautious during interactions with the fairer sex.

False allegations drove a Swedish theatre director to suicide, which makes this a hot-button topic in Scandinavia.

“Fredriksson came under fire last December by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet which reported that he had let male actors sexually harass female actors, had pushed a woman into having an abortion, and turned the city theatre into a personal “dictatorship”.” – Reports Breitbart.

False sexual harassment accusations are no joke, they can and have, destroyed men’s lives.

Christian Andersen, the chief editor of the newspaper Fremover, who warned last year, that the #Metoo campaign would target innocent victims, explains how men are now worried about this new social setting and how that is turning society more broadly, colder.

“I was recently on a management course where men admitted they always ask for permission before giving employees a hug and avoid being alone with female colleagues. Then it struck me that a fear has been created in men, which makes them more self-aware, but can also lead to an unhealthy situation,” Andersen to Klassekampen.

A dangerous weapon

Andersen argued that the fear of being wrongly accused of harassment and abuse has always been present, but has only increased since #MeToo.

“It’s not necessarily because there have been so many examples of false accusations, but because of the consequences,” Andersen noted. He argues that while the threshold for unacceptable behaviour has become lower, consequences for it have become higher, being fired for example, or almost having your life ruined, such as in the case of American Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. This environment, where men have to walk on eggshells around women, has further increased their fear.

There is a reason why Lady Justice is depicted as blind, because Justice cannot take sides, it must weigh the evidence of both sides, and can only believe the evidence.

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