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Nigerian man allegedly killed and cut into pieces 18 years old girl

Pamela, an 18 years old girl, had been missing for days. The mother denounced her disappearance to the police which had been looking for her until a driver found 2 abandoned bags by the side of a road, bags that when investigated where found to be containing the body of a young woman cut into pieces, perfectly clean. A truly horrible story in the small town of Pollenza, nearby Macerata.

After police scrutiny, the experts established that the body found by the driver was the body of the missing girl Pamela. In the evening of yesterday, a Nigerian man was stopped and taken into custody by the police, already known to the authorities (Permit to stay in Italy expired and already arrested for selling drugs). The man was caught in a recording (from a private camera owned by a Pharmacy in Macerata) while he was tailing the girl. The Nigerian denied to be the culprit behind the terrible crime and instead provided names of other people as potential suspects.

The police are now investigating the past of the victim who used to be living in a rehab which she left on purpose, it is very likely that the victim was wandering around the city and met the wrong people who ended up being her executioners.

Italian source Il Giornale





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