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Nationalism Rises in Sweden as “Swedish Democrats” Are Second Place in the Polls

The Sweden election could see the anti-EU and anti-immigration “Sweden Democrats” dominate the parliament as polls show the party making great gains against the governing Social Democrats and eventually they can rise to the first place in the future.

In the latest opinion poll, the nationalist party yet again built on its rise, placing ahead of the conservative Moderate Party making it look increasingly likely they will become country’s second largest party and probably even the biggest. Since the recent wildfires that hit the country this summer have risen, the number of critics of the governments politics and also have grown parties like the Sweden Democrats and the Green Party.

The Sweden Democrats also have gained support in the polls as it focuses its campaign on immigration and its problems, that among all, have mainly raised Sweden’s criminality.

It scored 22 percent in the latest poll, only two points behind the leftist “Social Democrats” and three percent ahead of the conservative “Moderate Party”, as establishment parties continue to lose ground.

The poll by Novus, carried out between June 25 and July 22, found Stefan Löfven’s Social Democrats in top of the list with 24 percent. The party is losing its popularity compared to four years ago when they entered into a left-wing coalition with the Green Party with 31 percent of the vote, mainly because of its pro-migration politics that have raised Sweden’s criminality in the streets.

The Sweden Democrats, led by Jimmie Åkesson, are set for their best ever election result on September 9 and it is estimated they win 76 seats, adding 27 to their current total.

The Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson (Image: GETTY)

According to the Novus poll, which surveyed the voting intentions of 4,808 people aged 18 and above, a leftist alliance formed by the Social Democrats, Greens and the socialist Left party would be able to form a minority government with 38 percent of the votes.

And a right-wing coalition, formed by the Moderates, Centre Party, Liberals and Christian Democrats, would be gathered in the parliament, with 36 percent of the votes.

But with the election day so close, the deadlock could make the Sweden Democrats kingmakers, depending on how willing the opposition parties would be able to form coalitions and destitute them of being the biggest parliamentary force in the country.

Next month Sweden will go to the polls in one of the most important elections in its history, as it struggles to deal with the existential threat of mass immigration and multiculturalism and in this recent poll results, the Swedes have been making rapid progress towards a healthy ethnonationalist country.

This represents another threat to the globalists who desire to destroy our continent values as Europeans are gradually awakening from this nightmare we are all living in and a victory for the Sweden Democrats would not only be a victory of the Sweden’s people and the Swedish interests, but a victory for the cultural existence of Europe and Europeans.

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