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Muslims over-represented in prison population of France

muslim prison population

When discussing prison populations, particularly in France, where ethnic or religious statistics are prohibited, we have to rely on as many different sources as possible and an accurate figure is difficult to come by, only estimates, however precise. That being said it is easily observable from statistics from across the continent that Muslims are over-represented in crime statistics everywhere they go.


Radicalization of Muslims in French prisons is a big problem that the authorities have been grappling with for a few years now with little effect.

French security agencies have identified 1524 Muslims in prisons linked to Islamic State terrorist sympathies. Security forces credit being able to prevent nine terrorist attacks and arrest 190 former prisoners on terrorism charges to monitoring parolees known to have been radicalized while in French prisons. Even so, more than 238 people have been killed in France since the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

muslim prison population europe

The 70% figure

Comes  from the book  Islam in Prisons, published a decade ago by the sociologist Farhad Khosrokhavar, he spent two years investigating 160 detainees in prisons in Paris and the North. And he disagrees with the 70% figure.

According to the sociologist, the proportion of Muslim detainees varies between 50 and 80% in prisons. Except that it is an estimate based on indices in only four institutions, and which, according to the author, is only for prisons close to sensitive neighborhoods, and not the whole of the prison population.

18,300 (in prison) registered for Ramadan in 2013

The only official figure of the prison administration was published in 2013 in a dispatch of Agence France Presse: out of 67,700 prisoners, 18,300 had registered for Ramadan, or 27% of prisoners. However, not all Muslim prisoners have registered and not all Muslims do Ramadan…

Sharia law

The problem of the Islamic system of law has been raised many times all across the continent, in France particularly. As the Muslim population grows so does the support for Sharia law, unfortunately.

No-Go Zones

In France alone there are many no-go zones, where women fear to go and police avoid. But not just France suffers from this, Germany, Sweden, Britain, everywhere where there is a large Muslim population, no-go zones appear.

Some reasons why Muslims commit crime

  • A sense of discrimination is created by the French form of secularism known as laïcité, which separates religion from public life, leading to the ban on face veils in public. “Laïcité has become a religion itself” Farhad Khosrokhavar, an expert on radicalization at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) says, “they [Muslims] feel rejected by the system, and there is a kind of suspicion [in French society] that once you are a Muslim, you are not a good citizen.”
  • France has well-known problems with integrating its Muslim community, such as high unemployment and the concentration of Muslims in ghettos on the edge of big cities. French youth unemployment is a terrible 23.3 percent. However, for the Arab and African immigrants from former colonies that now live in the suburbs of Paris, the youth unemployment is 50 percent or more.
  • Some analysts point to economic factors. “Muslim prisoners in France are usually unemployed and living in the most poverty-stricken suburbs,” – Raphaël Liogier, French sociologist and political scientist.


From what we can see of the stats in France the Muslim percentage of the prison population is at least 27% despite being only 7-10% of the population, realistically the figure is considerably higher. This over-representation of Muslims in crime statistics holds true across the continent.

One thing that is not often talked about is the unwillingness of Muslims to integrate into society, not that such a thing is necessarily good, they bring their culture into Europe and cut out a slice of the nation that they inhabit and make that part look, feel and act, as their country of origin. What has to be asked is why do they commit so much crime? Integration is a bold faced lie, a popular phrase that succinctly explains this is ‘import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world’ and this holds true because of the way that groups of people behave, of course everyone is an individual, but group differences and dynamics exist and they are profound.

Sources: Adam Smith Institute , franceinfo , FrontPageMag , TIME , Breitbart , The Guardian.

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