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Muslim Street Prayers to Cease in Orléans, France

street prayers in france, muslims blocking traffic

Police in the city of Orléans will be making sure that Muslim street prayers stop after residents complained to the government and protested to make their voices heard. 

The main complaint against the street prayers came from an angry resident living on the Rue de Limare on which the Ibn-Badis Mosque is located. These prayers had been going on for years without any progress on the enforcement of law.

This resident of Limare Street sent an email to the mayor with a photo with a simple question: “Is this allowed by law? If not, what will be your action to ensure that Republican law is respected?”

Deputy Mayor of Public Safety Olivier Geffroy immediately contacted the heads of the mosque to deal with the street prayers which are unlawful according to French public secular law, Laïcité

“This morning I received the persons in charge of the prayer room. I told them the impossibility of prayers in the public space, with which they completely agreed,”

“They told me that the phenomenon was very punctual and they would strengthen their presence at the entrance, on Rue de Limare, so that the phenomenon ceases,” he said. “The vice-president of the Ibn Badiss association, Mr. Benhammou, told me that he himself would be present with two other people. They also pledged to reiterate the ban with the faithful, under penalty of exclusion of the mosque,” reported Geffroy

Muslims praying on the streets of French cities has been a recurring issue for years despite the practice being utterly illegal. The frequency with which they do this would suggest that this is more of a political statement than a ‘religious freedom’ , why block traffic if you just want to pray?

The protests of last year from politicians and supporters of the conservative Republican party have finally yielded results.

Source: Breitbart , Magcentre

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