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Socialist Portuguese government to take in more ‘refugees’

The current Portuguese socialist government, in a bid to further virtue signal to Brussels, has agreed to take in 100 migrants stranded in the camps of Greece and promised to take in up to 1000 in the coming months.

A deal has been stroke between Portugal and Greece to initially take in 100 migrants after the Portuguese interior minister Eduardo Cabrita has visited Greece in a 2-day state visit. According to the Portuguese governor, it’s not clear when these 100 people will arrive in the Western European country since it will depend on the bilateral deal between Greece and Portugal that will go under scrutiny by Eurocrats in Brussels. However, if successful the deal might reach 1000s of people.

Mr.Cabrita further added that such proposal is related overall to the ‘financing model’ which is dependent on Brussels and that the deal is seen by both Portugal and Greece ‘as a contribution that might be found in Europe permanent and stable solutions, to solve, at an European level, the migrants and refugees problem’, hinting that his solution is the migration sharing quotas, a highly unpopular question that already proved himself very inefficient and overall rejected plan by most of his European counterparts.

The minister also pointed that 7 Syrians that were initially resettled in Portugal but rejected the country in order to go to Germany were returned to Portugal and there are more to return to be resent, playing migrant ping-pong between Portugal and Germany.

These smalls numbers reflect the relative undesirability of Portugal when it comes to migrants, which makes the topic in Portugal seen with ridicule and mockery in the nation but also show the willingness of the Iberian elites to keep receiving migrants in order to virtue signal and appease Brussels.


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