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Migrant Caravans in Europe: From Spain to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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As there is a migrant caravan travelling toward the American border, so too there are multiple travelling from the Middle East and Africa to European countries constantly.

These people believe that if they get through the external borders of the EU, that their passage to wealthier northern and western states is assured. The same bill of goods that was sold to the Central American migrant caravans who are trying to get through the Mexican and American borders has been sold to these unfortunates from the Middle East and Africa.

There is no shortage of horror stories from Europe, from 3rd world migrants raping women and children, to setting cars on fire and killing people in acts of terror. And those are just the ‘big’ stories that most people hear about, what about the not so ‘big’ stories? Like attacking animals for fun, or harassing women and girls for not ‘covering up’? 


While the situation of Spain’s border is known about and often reported on, something that is less well known are the attempts of migrant caravans to cross the border of Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The border town of Bihać is home to thousands of migrants who live in open air camps and Red Cross facilities provided by the BiH state. There they wait for the EU to allow them entry, which Croatia along with the V4 oppose. So their fates are uncertain. Instead of going back to their women and children: their families, because, of course, the vast majority of the migrants are young, military fighting age, men, they sit around, and often try their luck with people smugglers into Croatia. Other times, they simply try charging through in hopes that they can get away from the police and the border guard, they rarely do.

Mosque Networks

Another thing that is often overlooked is that these people, in the case of the Balkan route, are very often funnelled through a network of mosques with complicit owners and organisations, who are themselves, no doubt, paid off by people smugglers. A dirty business, but with the MSM berating any European country that wants to save itself, claiming Europe is open, a profitable one.


How to fight this

In this case, the EU should do what the US has done, and threaten to rescind foreign aid to countries who let these migrant caravans through. In Europe’s case this means, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Turkey. The numbers would get scythed down instantly if the cash dried up. Of course this won’t happen immediately, but it is something that European nationalists should push for and demand, because, as we have seen, it is an effective strategy that works.





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