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Germany: Merkel’s government to ease legal non European immigration

In a deal struck yesterday’s night in October the 2nd, Merkel’s party CDU together with their allies from the centre-left SPD and the Bavarians from CSU agreed on relaxing Germany’s legal immigration system to non-European migrants. The new rules will also allow migrants without residency permits who are still awaiting a decision on their asylum statuses to remain in Germany if employed even after coming to the country illegally.

The deal allegedly comes with the justification that Germany needs more manpower to fulfill a workers shortage in a fast-aging society of Europe’s biggest economy, with the government’s coalition completely ignoring recent technological advancements that will likely replace these low to medium skilled jobs in the future.

“That’s why we need workers from third countries [outside of Europe]” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told a press conference about the strategy that still needs to become a law and be passed by the German parliament.

Migration has become in the most recent years a hot topic in Germany, with the AfD party gaining momentum and becoming the biggest opposition party in the country, while the mainstream parties fairing worse after Merkel’s hasty decision of letting over 1 million of migrants in 2015, causing a lot of security problems in both in her own country and Europe.

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