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Leftist Politician Wants Migrants to Repopulate the Italian Island of Sardinia

Leftist politician wants migrants to repopulate the Italian Island of Sardinia

A Sardinian politician, Luigi Arru, working for the region, suggested to bring in more migrants to Sardinia to combat the declining birthrates. The local right-wing politicians instantly called out Arru’s plan, claiming that using migrants to combat birthrates is basically ethnic replacement.

Arru released an interview to a local news outlet saying: “In order to revert the dramatic declining birthrates we must facilitate immigration…” Shocking as it is, Arru is being honest and open about his plans to replace the native population. We have heard this population replacement plans everywhere (we have covered various examples starting from here). Even the UN itself made a list of countries which “need” migrants to combat their declining birthrates. How about we enable our own people to have bigger families, introducing laws that reward natives who have children instead of importing thousands of non-Europeans who will never integrate and will change the face of our countries forever?

Local right-wing politician Paolo Truzzu called out Arru’s actions and accused him of being the ideologue of the future population replacement of the Sardinian people, Truzzu was also supported by another local politician called Marcello Orrù (Leader of the Christian movement – Forza Popolare) who called Arru’s plan indecent, accusing him of betraying his own people, the Sardinians.

Sardinia is a very identitarian region. It’s people are heavily attached to their land, language and heritage. Sardinian is an independent language with an ancient history and one of the rarest and oldest gene pools. Bringing non-Europeans to Sardinia would destroy the beautiful land and cause infinite conflicts, but Sardinians aren’t new to invaders. In the past Sardinia was attacked and invaded by the Saracens, which the Sardinians fought back and defeated. Their current flag depicts 4 blinded Saracens heads (the 4 Saracen kings) which represents the Sardinian success over the Saracen menace.

The Sardinian Flag
The Sardinian Flag

Italians are one of the most skeptical groups in Europe towards immigration but the leftist politicians keep trying to shove down their throats their drivel about multiculturalism and tolerance. It’s not working and elections are coming soon. The 4th of March the people will have their say on these traitorous politicians.

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