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Italy Defiant – “We’ll Close the Airports”

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“If anyone, in Berlin or in Bruxelles, thinks to unload tens of immigrants to italy with unauthorized charter flights, they must know that there isn’t and there won’t be any airport available. We’ll close the airports like we closed the ports.”

– Salvini

Salvini responds to Berlin after the news of a latest band-aid effort on Merkel’s immigration policy.

Previous meetings speak of agreement and understanding, yet Germany sends no warnings for the Italian government on Berlin intention to send back to Italy 40 illegal migrants, and a European common response to mass migration seems less and less likely.

The Italian and German governments talks from last July included topics as revisions of sea rescue mission and engagement, EUNAVFOR Med and financial aspects of immigration management, but all the progress made by the two countries sounds all but forgotten due to Germany insistence on unloading the migrants on the country of arrival.

“Honestly, I don’t know who authorized this policy about charter flights filled with migrants, since on the matter of ‘secondary movement’, one of many topics we discussed as Italy in Europe and that Germany asked us to discuss, nothing was agreed upon.”

– Di Maio

“No deportations are planned,” The German Interior Ministry backtracts shortly after Salvini and Di Maio’s resistance.

It’s not the first time Germany and Italy government clash against each other. The Italian government’s opposition to the European plans for mass migration hightlights once again the EU inability to handle its members, and may perhaps foreshadows an end to the German egemony.

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