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Italy: 2 Train Conductors Assaulted By Six Migrants

Last Sunday 2 train conductors were assaulted by 6 migrants in the train station of Milan Rogoredo. The reason for the attack? The train conductors were just trying to do their job and asked the migrants to show their documents and tickets, which unsurprisingly they did not have.

The 6 North African assaulters, as Il Giornale reports, became aggressive and attacked the train conductors when asked to show their papers and tickets, a common situation that happens every day on Italian trains. Usually, migrants complain and leave the train at the first station when found without tickets but occasionally violence occurs.

Regional council member Fabio Altitonante complained: “The situation is getting more critical every day – using public transports has become dangerous and if a worker dares to contradict those who commit crimes, they risk ending up in hospitals. People who work in the public transports sector and those who utilise them are exasperated and terrorised. Milan is at its limits. I blame PD’s [PD is the liberal pro-immigration party] progressivism which has left our city lawless.”

The 2 train conductors were attacked with rocks and spit and are just the latest victims of violence on Italian transports. Trains have been stopped for security concerns in the past and are often delayed.




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