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They Tried to Enter Croatia: More than 200 Migrants Marched


This was the third attempt by migrants staying in Velika Kladuša to enter the territory of Croatia via the international border crossing, but every time so far they have been prevented by police.

A group of nearly 90 illegal migrants left the accommodation center near Cazin in northwestern Bosnia on Monday, expressing their intention to enter Croatia via some of the border crossings, the MOI (Ministry of the Interior) of Una-Sana County confirmed during the afternoon.

MOI spokeswoman Snežana Galić said that 89 migrants were accommodated in the hotel “Sedra”, among them there were women and small children.

The police have information that none of them want to stay in BiH and that they demand that the authorities in that country allow them to continue their journey to Western Europe.

– The police are following them and for now we are not sure which border crossing they will choose, said Galic. 

Migrants from Cazin headed for the border only a few hours after some 200 other migrants, who stayed in the area of Velika Kladuša, arrived at the Maljevac border crossing, also demanding that they be allowed into Croatia.

Their passage was hampered by Bosnian-Herzegovinian police officers holding them at a decent distance from the border line.

After several hours of protests, these migrants gradually began to return to Kladuša, where they are staying in an improvised refugee center.

In Bihac on Monday evening, new protests of citizens are being made, over their worries over the worsening security situation in that city and the increasing influx of migrants who do not have a place to stay.

Near the border crossing Maljevac on the Bosnian Herzegovinian side, around midnight, gathered a group of 200 to 250 migrants under the supervision of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian police, informs the PD of Karlovac adding that information about the group of migrants was received by the Croatian police from the police of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– There was no contact between the migrants and the Croatian police, ie the Croatian police did not have any action. Traffic through the permanent international border crossing for international traffic of passengers and goods in the road traffic Maljevac – Velika Kladuša is being conducted regularly – informs Karlovac PD, saying that the Croatian police have enough power and equipment in that area to prevent any illegal from crossing the state border, or unlawful entry into the Republic of Croatia.

Bosnian-Herzegovinian media say that about two hundred migrants attempted to cross the state border at the Maljevac border crossing in Velika Kladuša, but left this location after noon and accompanied police back to Trnovi camp where they were located, and no incidents were reported.

This was the third attempt by migrants residing in Velika Kladuša to enter the territory of Croatia via the international border crossing, but every time so far this was prevented by police. 

Two hundred and thirty migrants who gathered around noon near the Maljevac border crossing returned to Trnovo camp in Velika Kladuša during the afternoon, confirmed by Snežana Galić, spokeswoman for the Una Sana Canton MUP. She added that she was following the situation in the field, as well as another group of 89 people, including women and children, who departed from the Cazin accommodation center this morning. Some of them returned during the day, while a group of 20 people went on. Galić adds that the police are monitoring the situation on the ground, but for now there is no confirmed information on their intentions. It is assumed that they want to reach the border crossing Izačići.

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