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Crime Soars in Migrant Filled Germany

A report by Germany’s government suggests that the migrant crisis has led to a peak in violent crime

The study has used data gathered from the German State of Lower Saxony where reports have shown that more than 90% of violent crime is committed by young migrants from the Middle East, North Africa and Subsaharian Africa. The report, however, does not come as a surprise for researchers since the overwhelming majority of migrant arrivals in Germany are young males in the age group of 14 to 30.

The report has also revealed that the Lower Saxony state saw an increase of 10.4% on violent crime reports, in the period from 2015 to 2016, when Chancellor Angela Merkel decided that Germany’s doors were open to everyone who dared to show up, triggering a calling effect of massive migrant waves towards both Germany and Europe. The figures of the report, which keeps a separate record of alleged crimes committed by migrants, shows that 92.1% of this increase was attributable to migrants. According to figures, two-thirds of crime victims were Germans while the remaining one third were migrant themselves.

According to the report, asylum seekers or migrants that have few to no prospects of staying in Germany are much more likely to commit violent crime, such is the case of North Africans, which only make up 1% of the state’s population but commit 17% of its crime.

Germany’s establishment keeps getting a lot of heat over the migrant problem, with the AfD being the 2nd biggest opposition party in most of the polls, foreshadowing that the issue won’t likely end here.

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