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Abandoned farmland to ‘refugees’ in Socialist Portugal

The Socialist Portuguese Government has proposed a new law to the Parliament that will create a Land Bank to lease valuable and out of use farmland. Candidates with asylum status or ‘refugees’ will be prioritized while leasing abandoned farmland instead of National or European citizens

In addition to the young and unemployed people, refugees will have a preference in land-use contests for agricultural and pastoral exploitation, through a newly proposed Land Bank – where the state will list up privately owned land with no known owner.

This virtue signalling measure is the latest proposal of the Socialist Portuguese executive in its coalition with the Communist Portuguese Party and the Bloco de Esquerda Party (Far Left ultra progressives). Already delivered to the Assembly and regarding the creation of the Bank, the Stock Exchange and the Land Mobilisation Fund, which aims to monetise State land and abandoned real estate of unknown owners without any exploitation or development.

Ever since the ‘refugee’ crisis started in 2015 the Portuguese Socialist executive has been very keen in bringing migrants into the country, especially into rural, ageing and now depopulated areas. However, of the few 1500 ‘refugees’ resettled in Portugal, more than half of those left the country for richer countries in Northern areas, especially in the rural areas. This latest stunt from the leftist Portuguese government is one of the many pathetic virtue signalling attempts to Brussels in regards to the migrant question.

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