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Migrant Crisis: 12,983 Arrivals via Mediterranean Routes in 2018


12,983 illegal immigrants have arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean route so far in 2018.

Despite the grandiose promises of politicians during election campaigns, authorities have failed to adequately stem the tide of illegal immigrants flowing into Europe.

Particularly concerning is the continued “success” of the criminal NGOs operating between Libya and Italy. 6,161 illegal immigrants have arrived via this channel, suggesting the authorities aren’t doing enough to impede their movements.

Whilst the Italian government has promised to tackle this issue, leftist NGOs operating out of Spain and Italy continue to act as a ferry service, picking migrants up a few nautical miles from the Libyan shoreline and bringing them directly to Europe.

The quietest migrant channel is the Ceuta-Spain axis, through which 2,827 illegal immigrants have arrived, according to a United Nations report.

Criminal leftists operate in the Mediterranean

Despite the European Union’s deal with Turkey to stem the migrant flows through Greece, the numbers suggest that this route isn’t being policed effectively.

As of 17th March, 3,948 illegal immigrants had arrived through Greece.

The Cypriots, with the help of the British military, appear to be the only people in the Mediterranean actually enforcing Europe’s external border controls. Just 47 migrants arrived through this channel in the first three months of 2018.

In addition to those who have successfully breached Europe’s external borders, 495 would-be migrants perished in the attempt. Whilst it’s ordinarily callous to disregard this loss of life, it must be said that they know the risks and pay the price for putting their lives in the hands of criminal gangs and leftist enablers.

Quite clearly, Europe’s so-called leaders are continuing to fail their people. Only the Visegrad nations take seriously the matter of external border control, which in turn translates to internal security and stability.

When are the leaders of Western Europe going to get serious about this issue?


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