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#MeToo Event Expels #120dB Activists, Refuse to Give Them a Platform

the voice of the forgotten women

This Monday in a theater near Berlin’s Federal Chancellery a panel discussion event on harassment and violence against women in the film and television industry took place. One topic was left out, the over-representation of third-world migrants in the crime and especially rape statistics.

This event is part of the German version of the American #MeToo movement. After all, it is, of course, German men in positions of power (in their own country), who are to blame for most of the sexual violence on German women. Of course. 

Several women, activists of #120dB, interrupted the event, displaying a white banner with the words “The voice of forgotten women” it also contained – in red text – “#120dB”.

Video here.

The podium discussion was interrupted briefly, the audience evidently was not keen on discussing ‘racist’ statistics, clear “Nazis out” shouts were heard. After about a minute, the disturbance action was completed. Actress Jasmin Tabatabai, who was also part of the podium discussion, assessed the event by saying : “It’s going to be difficult with neo-Nazis, I do not know if it really makes sense to talk to such people.”

So, in the eyes of the German MSM and ‘feminists’ the overwhelming evidence that third world migrants commit an atrocious number of rapes and sexual crimes is ‘racist’, ‘neo-nazi’, ‘hate speech’. These migrants come from completely different cultures and traditions, their ‘faith’ and women’s rights are antonyms. 

The problems in Germany are real and they need to be fixed, but the first step is acknowledging that a problem exists and talking about it, then it can be fixed. The ‘feminists’ of Germany are more concerned with things happening on the other side of the Atlantic than in their own country.

This is a symptom of PC culture. If every group and culture is equally just and good then singling one out must be bigoted. What needs to be understood, however, is that no culture is equal, they are all different – good and bad in their own way. Some cultures are objectively better than others. This has to be acknowledged. Equality is a false god.

One of the problems of us Westerners is that we tend to view the world’s peoples from a Euro-centric way, we expect them to behave just like us if they have the same conditions and opportunities that we do. But as history tells us and as we have seen, that is not the case. Different groups want different things and behave in different ways.

It’s 2018 and feminists are shutting down women who want to tell the stories of those of the fairer sex who have been molested, raped and murdered by an political-religious ideology that takes almost all their rights away. What’s more, in the overwhelming number of cases, those who did these unforgivable acts, were third world migrants, aliens , guests. It’s a bizarre case of Stockholm Syndrome, and it needs to be cured.


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