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MeToo Campaign For Parliament Employees

EU funded MeToo Propaganda

In another virtue signalling effort, the European Union has decided it would be a brilliant idea to use EU money to start a campaign to help ‘victims’ of sexual harassment and abuse in Parliament. Allowing them to  “document their experiences without fear of victim shaming” and continue the MeToo trend.

A group of European Parliament workers have launched a “MeTooEP” blog to highlight cases of “sexual harassment and abuse” in the heart of Brussels.

Speaking at a press conference, parliamentary assistant Amelia Martínez-Lobo, said:

There is a lack of protection for victims – this means that the system is not working. Silence is always more comfortable than speaking out, but we will never leave victims alone.

Amelia Martínez-Lobo

One story on the new blog, which currently only hosts five stories so far, speaks of an ‘assault’ on an official parliament mission overseas. The blog post says that victim filed a complaint with the “competent authority” in October 2017 and has so far received no response. Which is ironic of course, since EU leaders will be at the forefront when they can hypocritically benefit of the movement.

The following posts have been published so far. Some more ridiculous than others, which headlines such as: The time I was asked to “taste his pancakes” and The time I was told I was too beautiful for this job.

The time my colleague took candid photographs of me
The time my colleague took candid photographs of me
The time I was asked to “taste his pancakes”
The time I was asked to “taste his pancakes”


Obviously it’s good that European Parliament members cannot get away with sexual assault, but I don’t think we’ll have to wait long to see that this blog will be used to target politicians who are anti-EU.

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