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Leftists in Amsterdam Want to Get Rid of IAMsterdam

IAmsterdam Letters

Anyone who’s ever visited or been in Amsterdam, will know about the iconic ‘IAmsterdam’ letters that can be found in various places, such as the Museum Square and on the airport of Schiphol. However, that might change in the future if it’s up to the municipality’s Green Party.

The liberal, leftist party has submitted a motion, during a council budgetary meeting for 2019. They also want to stop doing city marketing.

The slogal in red and white, about 2 meters high and 23 meter wide, is a very popular spot for tourists to take pictures at.

According to the Green Party’s local Amsterdam chairwoman the letters represent ‘individualism‘ while “we, in this city, want to be diverse and show solidarity with all people”, she said to Dutch paper Het Parool. “Besides that, this slogan reduces the city to a mere marketing story”.

It’s ironic that leftists now want to remove something beloved by tourists, prevent less tourists coming to Amsterdam, while at the same claiming to be inclusive and wanting to show solidarity with all people.


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