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Knife(ly) done: London, diversity and violent crime

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London used to be a beautiful, peaceful place. Once it was the gem of Britain, a city which Europeans from all over the Old Continent wanted to visit and experience. Times have changed, however, the banning of handguns has made the country less safe as knife crime has shot through the roof.

Ever since the Immigration Act of 1988 which granted freedom of movement to EU citizens into the UK and even before, the country has become, year on year, more diverse and less safe.

Since 2011, when London became minority White British, the city’s crime statistics have been steadily rising.

knife crime correlates with increase in dversity

Knife crime in the great city of London is out of control.

This was most evident in the relatively low volume offences such as knife crime (up 21% to a total of 37,443 recorded offences) and gun crime (up 20% to 6,694 recorded offences). The occurrence of these offences tends to be disproportionately concentrated in London and other metropolitan areas.

Here’s a report by The Sun detailing the knife crime so far in 2018.

There are horror stories nearly every day, as black gangs murder each other on the streets and revenge killings take place, a never ending cycle is ravaging London and innocent bystanders are targeted all too often.

So much so that the police has resorted to various kinds of campaigns to try and stem the violence, but with little effect.

The Price of Diversity

London was far more peaceful back in the 1950s and 1960s. What changed? The progressives of today will screech racism, but the ethnic make-up of London has changed, drastically. These things must be talked about because they are the root cause of the conflict. Everywhere across the world, in the places where there is the most diversity, people are busy killing each other. In the Caribbean apart form the hotel resorts the rest of the place isn’t very peaceful and the criminality rates correlates with the criminality rates of Caribbean Blacks in London.

This report shows that over half of young knife suspects are black, and it’s a decade old. Since then the capital has become far more diverse and the situation has become far worse.

Culture and ethnicity are intrinsically linked, the people create the culture, so whichever people dominate an area, is the people whose culture will take over. Such is the case in boroughs which are almost completely minority ethnic in London. They resemble the countries from which the people hail.

The PC Solution

The politically correct answer to these problems is to blame the White supremacist culture of Britain and the ‘culture of crime’ of some minorities. The answer is to police mean tweets and curb hate speech online. The answer is for officers to be so afraid of being called racist that they let crimes go unpunished.

The answer is to cry racism whenever we notice trends among groups of people, because everyone is an individual and to judge them by their group is an egregious example of prejudice. But group differences exist, and they are one of the main reasons of conflict in the West.

What instead should be done is to abandon political correctness for the ridiculous concept that it is, and enforce the law. To admit that groups are different and to realize that those differences cause conflict if they are forced to occupy the same space. Until then, murder and conflict will continue.



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