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Jewish Takeover of British Media?

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According to media reports, US media Comcast is set to purchase Britain’s second largest news network.

The bid for Sky PLC, the parent company of Sky News, will represent the big shift in the modern media landscape.

An interesting feature of this takeover bid, that most fail to realise let alone raise, is that the takeover would place one of Britain’s premier news networks in entirely Jewish hands.

The founder of Comcast – which also owns NBC and film giants Universal – is a certain Ralph J. Roberts, the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia.

The Chairman and CEO is Robert L. Roberts, another of Jewish extraction. Senior Executive Vice-President (and Chief Financial Officer) Michael Cavanagh used to work for JP Morgan and Rubenstein’s (no, seriously) Carlyle Group.

Finally, the company’s other senior official is David L. Cohen, who, as the name suggests, is also Jewish.

Perhaps some people approach this issue with unwarranted hysteria, but surely questions must be asked about a British news network, covering British stories for the British people, falling into the hands of a small clique of Jewish millionaires.

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