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Exposed: Jewish MP Stirring Anti-Polish Sentiment

Jewish MP Polish Anti-Polish

The Polish Parliament caused quite the storm amongst the internationalist class recently, by adopting legislation that refutes the allegation that the Polish people were partially responsible for the Holocaust. Considering that over 2.5 million ethnic Poles died alongside their Jewish counterparts during WWII, this appears to be more like common sense than anything else.

Yet the British parliament, in its usual arrogant manner, has decided to pass judgement on the sovereign rights of fellow European nations. On 5th June, parliament is due to debate on Poland’s recent legislative exploits, with the explicit aim of analysing “Polish antisemitism”.

Indeed, the MP who tabled this debate, the Labour Jew Alex Sobel, has described the legislation as ‘explicitly antisemitic’.

Delving into the family history of Mr Sobel offers some clues as to why he’s taking a particular interest in this instance. His father, Leopold Sobel, was a Polish Jew who emigrated first to Israel in 1964, then to the United Kingdom in 1971. Despite being described as a “Polish historian”, Leopold was aggressively Jewish.

Furthermore, Leopold’s father, Alex’s grandfather, was more than simply a Jew in Poland. He was a serving member of the Red Army, the military wing of the Bolshevik regime responsible for the slaughter of tens of millions of Europeans, including a great many Poles during the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939.

It’s common knowledge that around 80% of the leading Bolsheviks were Jewish.

Is Sobel’s view of this matter obscured by his family’s history of Bolshevik activity?

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