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Italy: Shocking telephone tapping “I have a white woman to rape” inflames Pamela’s homicide investigations

Innocent Oseghale is the man arrested for Pamela Mastropietro’s murder, which happened in Macerata, Italy, and the man who allegedly said these disgusting words:”I have a white woman to rape” in a phone call with a friend called Awelima.

Until now the investigators were doubting that Pamela suffered some kind of sexual violence since there was no objective proof, but these shocking recordings might prove that Oseghale raped Pamela before killing her and chopping her body into pieces, a very common behavior among Nigerian mafia affiliates.

The current theory of the investigators is that Pamela lost conscience after the usage of drugs, which made her a defenseless victim in the hands of Oseghale. Pamela’s family and the people of Macerata await justice, while the mayor of Macerata is still too busy virtue signaling about tolerance and anti-fascism (related to Traini’s actions, the Italian Fascist who attempted to avenge Pamela’s brutal murder by shooting a group of Nigerians, wounding 6).

Yet another example of anti-white violence in modern multicultural Europe, this time it’s Italy’s turn, we hear of them everywhere and yet we are bombarded by the mainstream media with messages about tolerance and about how WE Europeans need to bend, hate ourselves and give away our glorious lands to people who are not worth them, who have no love for them and who are replacing us. It is our duty as European men and women to fight back, denounce antiwhite violence and love ourselves. We will overcome these dark times and we will indeed make Europe great again.

Il Resto Del Carlino’s article on the shocking phone tapping.




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