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Italy Has a New Refreshing Approach to Immigration


The Aquarius, a boat which left Libya with 629 migrants, was turned away by the new ruling party of Italy who are rightly concerned about the sheer number of NGOs picking up the illegal immigrants from the water.

Italy’s Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, said: “Saving lives is a duty, turning Italy into a huge refugee camp is not.” & “Italy is done bending over backwards and obeying – this time THERE IS SOMEONE WHO SAYS NO,” he tweeted, with the hashtag #CloseThePorts.

Salvini said that the government “will have the same attitude towards other NGO ships” as towards Aquarius in the future. Another boat with 900 migrants docked in Catania today, after being rescued earlier this weekend. It is estimated that 700,000 immigrants have entered Italy by sea since 2013.

Spain, fearing there will be a humanitarian crisis, offered to let the Aquarius dock in Valencia however there are not enough supplies on the boat to complete the 800 mile trip. Today however, supplies have been provided for the 4 day trip and it is being escorted to Spain by an Italian warship.  This could have all been avoided had the boat returned the passengers safely back to the coast where they came from. As of June 6, there had been 785 deaths on the route from Libya, casualties which could be avoided if there were not boats encouraging the illegal immigration.


This comes after a recent announcement that Slovenia is taking 50,000 illegal immigrants due to the surrounding countries enforcing tougher restrictions. Perhaps if more countries start getting tougher on their borders, it will deter people from attempting to make the dangerous crossing; a crossing which is far more dangerous than the countries they are leaving.

Naturally, the EU are going to be taking a look a countries taking immigration policies into their own hands with promises of fines & sanctions. However, a fine would cost less than the damage caused by allowing 629 members of the third world into their country. Should they be encouraged to head east instead, to the likes of Egypt, Jordan & Saudi, where the way of life is similar to theirs?

The EU rule which states that “refugees” must see asylum in the first country they reach makes Italy & Greece the most open to the economic migrants. Greece, a culturally & historically important country is already feeling the strain of the influx. Some hotel owners in Greece spoke out last year stating they are going to refuse humanitarian groups from booking rooms as they want tourists back. Afrian prostitutes numbers have dramatically increased in the Spanish holiday resort of Magaluf, where on June 3rd 2018, 5 British Expats were charged with hate crimes after confronting the prostitutes.

Expensive flights, long queues, security checks and passport control are everyone’s least favourite aspects of travelling. Yet, we know it is a necessary evil to supposedly root out people coming into the country who may not be welcome here. It is becoming more evident that if you want a foreign holiday this summer without any of the hassle, turn up in a boat with your friends and say you’re seeking refuge, you’ll get a better deal than an ‘all inclusive’.

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