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Cannibalism Outbreak: Not 28 Days Later, But Europe in 2018


Coming less than two weeks after news that the Nigerian Mafia butchered and possibly dined on a young Italian girl, another horrific story of cannibalism has emerged, this time from the Parisian suburbs. Three men were arrested on February 19th in Clichy-sous-Bois, a notorious No-Go Zone, after a back-alley altercation allegedly over money resulted in pieces of a fourth man’s ears and lips being bitten off and swallowed. The perpetrators all hail from the Cape Verdean Islands, off the coast of Northwest Africa. The ethnicity of the victim, due to typical French bureaucratic obscurantism, is unknown.

While it would be tempting to dismiss these gruesome events as outliers, the preponderance of evidence out of Africa suggests otherwise. The Leopard Society, operating out of West Africa—Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, and Liberia primarily—would capture and dismember people, and share the flesh with each other, in the belief that they could absorb energy from the victim and it would strengthen them as warriors. In countries like Tanzania, the dismemberment of albinos, and often ingestion of their flesh, is conducted by witch doctors, and the deceased albinos’ limbs are sold as good luck charms. Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was very fond of human flesh, and the Lord’s Resistance Army operating out of that nation and several others has been known to practice “magical cannibalism.” On October 24th, 1986, the self-declared Emperor of the Central African Empire, Jean-Bédel Bokassa (Emperor Bokassa I), stood trial, though was never convicted, of eating several people. In the years since, the Muslim minority has routinely been victimised by cannibalism in the Central African Republic. Forced cannibalism was common practice during the Liberian, Congolese, Sierra Leonean, and Sudanese civil wars.

From the African Union report on Sudan:

“The commission found cases of sexual and gender-based violence committed by both parties against women. It also documented extreme cruelty exercised through the mutilation of bodies, burning of bodies, draining human blood from people who had just been killed and forcing others from one ethnic community to drink the blood or eat burnt human flesh.”


There have been several reports out of the Congo that the Mbuti Pygmies are being treated as a perverse kind of delicacy—and that these Pygmies are typically eaten alive. Seven South African men were arrested and tried last year for working with a traditional healer to lure women, rape them, and then consume their flesh. They allegedly fed this flesh to as many as three hundred other people. Dr. Gwyn Campbell, writing in The South African Medical Journal, notes that traditionally in South Africa and Madagascar, people would (and often continue to) practice two kinds of cannibalism:

“Exocannibalism, where enemies were consumed, and endocannibalism, where dead relatives were eaten to assist their passing to the world of the ancestors, or to prolong contact with beloved and admired family members and absorb their good qualities.”


Endocannibalism is widely practised in Burundi, where deceased relatives are eaten in the belief that doing so will also allow for the ingestion of said relative’s hunting prowess. In parts of Kenya, like Tanzania, albino cannibalism is practised under the belief that it will bring wealth and good fortune. Among the Luhya tribe in Kenya, it is believed that eating the genitals of a young virgin male will cure AIDS. In 2016, Eritrean human trafficker “The General” Medhanie Yehdego Mered was apprehended carrying a cellphone that featured graphic images and video of migrants’ executions and the consumption of their flesh and sale of their organs. Mered is associated with a substantial trafficking network primarily operating out of Africa and into Italy.



Still not convinced? Back in 2003, eleven arrests were made of “black magic” practitioners in Cameroon who had murdered and eaten the organs of seventeen victims. Eleven arrests were made in Nigeria in 2014 at a restaurant that was serving roasted human heads as a delicacy. Last year a South African man was executed by police after he refused to stop eating a woman that he had decapitated. Also last year in South Africa, an uncle killed his four-year-old nephew and made him into a stew. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the resident dictator of Equatorial Guinea, has been known to torture political opponents to death and eat their testicles and brains.

Cannibalism is of course not limited to Africa, either. There have been recent reports of its practice in Syria, Iraq, India, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Pakistan, and we are all likely familiar with the long-standing Papua New Guinean tradition of exocannibalism (often witnessed throughout Polynesia). So in addition to soaring crime rates, acid attacks, sexual assaults, paedophilia, the erosion of cultural capital, plus bestiality brothels and the depressingly regular little horrors like a Syrian migrant being detained for raping a pony at a children’s petting zoo in Germany, we also have another “benefit” of diversity to add to the list—cannibalism!

This is precisely what you can expect when your leaders decide your replacement population will be the same people who have gone full Idiocracy and are crushed under mountains of garbage (Maputo, Mozambique, February 19th), have non-existent sanitation systems in place despite literally billions in international aid, or waltz with the dead as the Madagascans do during Famadihana—which unsurprisingly has led to several recurrences of the Black Death.

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